Part-Time Magento Developer

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Part-Time Magento Developer
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Job Description

We are looking for a part-time talented Magento developer to build and maintain our eCommerce website. You will ensure that the last security patches are installed and that existing functionality continues to work properly. You will also be required to develop and customize modules, as well as apply front-end changes.

In light of the current health situation, this position will be work-from-home. Candidates who are able to work in the same time zone (Pacific Time) are preferred.


Regularly update our Magento installation (versions, security patches, templates, extensions, etc.,)
Develop, enhance and support in-house custom and third party modules using Magento and programing standards
Develop and modify Magento components to support API extensions and introduce new functionality in Magento CORE
Create web applications and services that interact efficiently and securely with database (MySQL, SQL)

Strong object-oriented programming knowledge
Strong knowledge of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, LESS CSS
Minimum of 2 years experience on Magento development
Knowledge of source control (i.e. GIT) is an asset
Magento certification is definitely a plus
If you have the skills and experience required for this position, please forward your resume to:


Informação adicional

Job type: Full-time
Advertiser Type: Professional


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